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Szkoła Liderów Polonijnych Ameryki Północnej

Dla rodaków słabiej władających językiem polskim - Szkoła Liderów Polonijnych Ameryki Północnej czyli SMSSS (Szkoła Mistrzów Strzelania Sobie w Stopę):

School of Champions in Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Dear Leaders,

However it is dressed up by its Polish organizers, the 'School of Leaders' is a foreign Government financed training program for lobbyists who will conduct future operations within the United States and Canada in order to assist policy objectives of that Government. There is a gulf of difference between marching in an ethnic parade and enlisting as an influence agent trained by a foreign Government. It is timely to remind all American citizen participants that supplying political or public relations support to a foreign Government or other foreign principal is illegal in the US, unless done openly and under the terms of a mandatory DoJ registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). However you explain it, many years later, to unsmiling US government agents, individuals receiving political training and funding from a foreign Government are prima facie ineligible to hold a US Government security clearance. Ignorance of that fact of life has never been and will never be accepted as a valid excuse. A US Government security clearance is indispensable to anyone contemplating a career in hi-tech industries, defense, foreign affairs, some 20 Federal agencies and departments, and any and all other fields of endeavour with the slightest hint of being related to the national security of the United States. Anyone willing to invest heavily in his/her parents' nostalgia for Poland, or wager his/her own career prospects on assurances (always verbal, never in writing) of the coolest of Poland's spin doctors, is of course perfectly free to do so - at your own risk.

Szkoła Liderów Polonijnych Ameryki Północnej

US Department of Defense Adjudicative Guidelines - see Page 23 for Guideline C - Foreign Preference

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