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Szkoła Liderów Polonijnych Ameryki Północnej II - Komentarz Czytelnika

Tak mi się spodobał, że go tu wklejam, żeby szerzej chodził.


A Story

Kevin! Kevin!
Where are ya?
Come over here.
Your mom brought you these clothes.
Go ahead and put them on. We’re gonna go to the Polish church
and you’ll sit in the front row for this Polish Government delegation that we should greet there.

Mom! What the hell is this? A pajama or what?

Calm down, Kevin. It’s a Cracoviak suit.

Yeah, but look at this stupid funny looking hat?
Ain’t gonna put no outfit like that on me, no frigging way mom!
What will Jenny and Josh say if they see me in this?
Mom… why do we have to do stuff like that? What’s wrong with us?

I promise you, this is gonna be the last time. See, I signed up for this stupid leadership course in Poland. Your grandma was Polish and I just thought I’ll see the place she came from and I’ll have a free vacation in Poland. They paid for everything. But now, I guess, it’s time to pay for my stupidity. Nothing’s free. They keep dragging me to these meetings with these dumb Polish politicians and so on. Plus your father has issues at work. They signed a contract for making something for the government and his boss told him they’ve seen me meeting with these politicians from Poland, so now they are afraid of giving your dad a security clearance or something like that. See Kevin, we have to move to the other city. They’ll transfer dad to their other plant for less pay where they make something less important. Somewhere at the East Coast or he can look for a job himself.

Oh no, mom! That’s too much! This shitty clothes and moving yet? I won’t see my girlfriend Jenny anymore. Now, this is too much! I know you asked me many times not to swear, but fuck this dumb Polish crap! Fuck it!

Ok, ok, Kevin.
They won’t find us after we move and we’ll be normal again.
Put these clothes on...

2009-05-26 00:55
John Kowalski
Widziane z USA

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