British taxpayers set to lose £100m after record Poland-EU funding scandal

British taxpayers risk losing up to £100 million in the European Union's biggest funding scandal after Polish road-building projects worth over £770m were discovered to be caught up in a price fixing racket.


Italy previously held the Brussels funding scandal record
 after being asked last year to repay a £307 million to the EU after a motorway project in the south of the country was found to be riven with mafia infiltration, corruption and kickbacks.

Znaczy, rekord Europy. Nie cieszycie się? 
PS. Osoby posiadające szczegółowe informacje o tym przekręcie proszone są o dyskretne skontaktowanie się pod adresem:

Mr Johan Kouw, 
Directorate C
Unit C2 (Fraud Prevention and Intelligence)
OLAF Office de la Lutte Anti Fraude / European Anti-Fraud Office

European Commissionrue Joseph II
30 - 1000 Brussels